Strategic Analysis

Business, IT and Marketing analysis to give you the accurate, detailed information you need

Bespoke Factor has broad experience with the analysis and reporting on many core business functions. We have worked on over 30 mergers and acquisitions projects along with countless product transformations for big name software and services companies worldwide.

Bespoke Factor has worked on over 30 M&A projects for multinational technology companies. We specialise in technical, business and go to market due diligence.

M&A Due Diligence

Fast, confidential and thorough worldwide due diligence services

M&A Due Diligence

We have had over 15 years experience of performing due diligence projects for some of the world’s biggest tech companies. We specialise in full technical, business and go to market analysis and have the capability to execute to your expedited timeframe in any part of the world. Bespoke Factor prides itself on thorough, confidential and timely analysis to suit your deal parameters.

  • Highly experienced in the worldwide technology industry

  • Deep technical, business and go to market due diligence capabilities

  • Timely analysis to suit your deal parameters

  • Customised focus areas to ensure you get the information you need

One of the most powerful things is knowing how you stand up against the competition. Bespoke Factor can give you a full, unbiased assessment.

  • Tech product quality assessments that give you an unbiased, honest view

  • Marketing strategy analysis and recommendations

  • Product packaging and pricing analysis

  • Engineering process analysis and improvements

Product Assessments

Sometimes the best ideas come from a fresh set of eyes

Product Assessments

Coming from a rich history of product development and marketing for some of the world’s biggest companies, Bespoke Factor can give you an impartial, fresh set of eyes to assess and then re-spark new ideas within your product organisation.

We have seen some great products ruined by terrible customer experience. Bespoke Factor can give you an accurate assessment of your Customer Experience so that you can turn those NPS scores around in no time.

Customer Experience (CX)

Boost your NPS by letting us improve your CX

Customer Experience (CX)

Companies in this day and age live by their Net Promoter Scores (NPS), its basically a number that tells you how your customers feel about your company. Bespoke Factor is experienced in analysing the full end to end customer experience of dealing with your organisation and can assist you in taking steps to improve things quickly.

  • Full end to end Customer Experience analysis

  • Let us help you improve your NPS quickly

  • CX analysis from Bespoke Factor encompasses UX, buying, usability, support and maintenance.

  • Benefit from our broad tech product experience to bring best of breed practises to your organisation

We love the art of analysis, the ability to independently look at products and sales methodologies and provide simple, easy to implement positive steps forward.

  • Full product feature comparisons of the market you compete in.

  • We can assess installation, usability, documentation, quality, management and maintenance of your product.

  • Extremely valuable for product development, sales objection handling and marketing.

  • We can independently interview customers to determine what draws them to your or competitor’s products.

Competitive Intelligence

Detailed research about how your product compares to your competitors

Competitive Intelligence

Because we are technical, we have the proven ability to not only learn about your product, but also compare it to the others in the market. One of our specialties is product bake-offs – we can develop core and value add feature comparisons, quality assessments, ease of administration, installation and much more.

We’d love to share our global experience of strategic analysis with you