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Professional speaking, hosting and facilitation for your next event

We love speaking and with years of experience in small to very large audiences, radio, television and online broadcasting we would love to help you with your next event or project.

Adam Jaques from Bespoke Factor hosting Citrix SynergyTV featured on

Bespoke Factor’s Adam Jaques hosting Citrix SynergyTV featured on

Bespoke Factor can create a great atmosphere to get the audience warmed up for a big executive keynote

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Facilitation and Interviewing

Leading great conversation to achieve business objectives

Facilitation and Interviewing

Whether it’s an industry roundtable, a fireside chat or an interview on video, radio, television or podcast – we are extremely experienced at getting the business outcome you want every time. We specialise in creating natural, open conversation in forum settings or a professional interviewing style that makes any subject easily approached.

  • Highly experienced in facilitating analyst roundtables or customer council events

  • Allow us to professionally interview your executives, guests or customers for use in the media or online

  • Panel guests feel at ease around Bespoke Factor hosts which makes for natural, fascinating conversation for the audience

  • We take the time to learn about your business and products so that as a facilitator or interviewer, we are part of your team

We are highly experienced in being “the host”, whether it’s as MC for an event, a broadcast anchor or a facilitator for a round table.

  • Audience warm up and entertainment that is related to your subject area. A great lead in to your content.

  • MC and anchor duties to ensure professional segue between speakers and agenda housekeeping.

  • Innovative ways of encompassing audience participation throughout your agenda to inject variety and maintain attention to core content.

  • We do what many can’t – impromptu, dynamic, relevant interactive content with an unknown audience of any size


We love being the glue that sticks your show together and keeps the audience receptive


Bespoke Factor has done this countless times all around the world. It’s the task that makes a lot of people uncomfortable, because you are typically out of your safe zone (of corporate content). The role of the host or anchor is very important. It makes sure your audience is warmed and ready to hear what you have to say, but it is also the role that makes the show feel professional as we segue between speakers, make introductions and typically control the show flow.

<p style=”font-weight: 300; font-size: 22px; line-height: 40px; letter-spacing: 2px; text-align: center;”>We pride ourselves in getting to know your business so we simply sound like one of the team.</p>


Allow us the honour of being your best spokesperson


Bespoke Factor has many years of experience at corporate pitching, technical presentations, product demonstrations and much more. We have worked for many large technology companies around the world and we would also love to work with you. Allow us to represent you at an event, and we can not only present content on your behalf, but also help you create it if necessary. Bespoke Factor is portable, we will work anywhere you need us.

  • An outstanding ability to understand your business and product. Think of us as your highly experienced spokesperson.

  • Allow us to help scale your coverage by speaking on your behalf. BYO content or we can create it for you!

  • We are portable and scalable and can represent where you need us.

  • Highly experienced in global keynote and presentation delivery to any sized audience

Bespoke Factor can also present on your behalf if you need to scale your business to regions you don’t have resourced.

  • Achieve the right balance of information for your audience

  • We can assist in driving your teams to deliver high quality content in order to achieve your business goals

  • With decades of event based agenda experience, we can help you formulate tracks and keynote show flow with a perfect mix of content types

  • Full of ideas, we can enlighten your team to think outside the box when it comes to building an amazing event agenda so that your attendee satisfaction is unmatched

Event content and agenda design

We design a fully immersive event agenda that meets your business objectives

Event content and agenda design

Agendas are tricky things, you want to make sure you have the right structure between corporate and product information, business and technical, serious and fun. That’s why getting Bespoke factor on board to assist with formulating your agenda and driving your teams to produce excellent content will ensure that your business objectives are met and the ROI for your event is outstanding.

We’d love to help you with your next event or project