Product Transformation

Any product can be made modern and desirable with a transformation from Bespoke Factor

Have you noticed how the new product on the block always seems to feel “fresh”, the language used to describe the product is modern and the product seems to be beautifully simple.

Customer perception is everything, and it is very easy for a great product to become dated.

This can be due to poor usability, outdated look and feel, marketing materials, attitude, language and a list of other things.

That’s how we can help transform your existing products and set them on a path for success.

Users are attracted to consumerisation and believe it of not, any enterprise product can be given a consumer attitude.content for your business

Product Marketing

The way you talk about your product needs to resonate with today's customer

Product Marketing

We love content! What you say about your product is key to getting a prospective customer’s attention. At Bespoke Factor we can not only create modern messaging, pricing and packaging for your product but also build out a full portfolio of collateral. Anything from web, white papers, infographics, reviews, social media, battle cards and of course video.

  • Transformation and modernisation of your product’s messaging, pricing and packaging

  • Competitive analysis to determine what is working in your market

  • Product collateral creation including web, white papers, reviews, infographics, social media, battle cards, competitive and more

  • Strategic modernisation to assist if your product’s sales numbers are flattening.

We believe that one of the finest skills is to be able to cut through complexity in order to develop simplicity. That’s what will create new desire for your product.

  • The language used to describe you company needs to reflect a modern attitude

  • Customers need to feel that they are dealing with a company that is “ahead of the game” and is confident in their solutions

  • We love helping you re-energise your company’s brand through all relevant digital and sales channels

  • You’ll be impressed with our fresh ideas for your company’s brand

Brand Modernisation

We deeply understand your business and then modernise the way you talk about it

Brand Modernisation

We are not the sort of company that likes to “re-brand” for no reason, we believe in doing enough to make a big impact without trashing your previous existence! Brand to us is everything about how you talk about and represent your company and its products. This also extends to the tone of the language you use (particularly on the web and in social). Part of a transformation project usually involves some brand modernisation to show that you are a company that has a modern attitude.

We pride ourselves in using our business experience and technical background to get to know your company and product from the core, that’s how we are able to give such bespoke advice.

Product Videos

It's simple - We make great videos about your product and company

Product Videos

There are some rules about making great product videos. They have to be short (2 – 3 minutes max), and they have to talk about a relatable solution. We are highly experienced with the types of videos that resonate – corporate “about us” videos, product demonstrations and explainers, technology concept deep dives and more.

  • Corporate overviews, product demos, explainers and technology deep dives.

  • We can write and produce anything from the most serious corporate “about us” to the most entertaining product video that sure to go viral

  • Short, meaningful videos about your products and solutions that customers will watch

  • Assistance with building lead tracking and analytics into any video content

We turn ageing products around with strategically focussed transformation and modernisation.

  • Usability assessments and recommendations based on current trends and user expectations

  • Product workflow redevelopments

  • User persona research and definitions

  • Look and feel transformations for consumer and enterprise products

User Experience (UX)

Give your product a usability facelift to create an instant modern perception

User Experience (UX)

There is a reason why users choose a mobile device they love the way it looks and feels. Gone are the days where users adapt to the way a product works, they expect it will adapt to them. At Bespoke Factor, we have countless years of experience with enterprise systems that were traditionally big and boring and have successfully made the transition into the world of consumer perception. This is exactly how we can help your product.

We’d love to help boost your revenue with a bespoke product transformation